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Forever Beasts


When I think of the short duration of my life, lost in past and future eternity, the small space I occupy, shrink inside the immensity of the worlds, I ignore and ignore me, I am terrified and I am surprised that I am here and not there, because there is not a reason to be here and not there, to be this time and not sometime. Who placed me here? By whose order and indication is this place and this time intended for me?


The project explores human relationships, in means of desire and fear. Live music, composed especially for the work, is inspired by traditional tempos and songs, performed by a “voice”, a violin and percussions.


Duration: 50’


Body I


Religion and Ethics in crisis· the body under attack· killed or set aside in shadow· glorified or blessed.

Body counterattacks· being transformed or being diseased· becomes poetry, dreams and rebels.


The work is a solo piece investigating female body in means of social representation through time and space.


Duration: 20’

Buttle / Over Again


Body is right there, just in front of your eyes· do you see?


A site-specific solo piece inspired by and presented in a photography exhibition.


Duration: 10’

Hide & Seek


If the object is simply the perception of the viewer’s mind, does it still exist when the viewer does not perceives anymore?


Using team games as a starting point, four performers explore body, space and relationships.


Duration: 40’

Romeo’s Fault


When Romeo found Juliet pale and soulless at the greave and he supposed that she was dead, she was dead. The fact that she recovered later and became more alive does not cancel her death. When Juliet found Romeo lying soulless with the poison in his hand, he was also dead. And his death would stay valid, even if a doctor with a quick mind would rush into from backstage for a last moment stomach wash. Romeo’s fault is all in the mind.


The work copes with social as well as personal notions of death by exploring the pre-death stage, both physically and mentally, through the co-existential use of movement and text. Chore parameter of the project is the acoustic/sound, realized in performance by the innovative application of amphiotic technology and the consequent re-signification of performer-audience relationship.


Duration: 25’




An eternal game in an infinite space looks for a winner as you pass by.


The work is a site-specific community project about the notions of time and space, engaging a dancer, an actor, a musician and a visual artist.


Duration: 30’



The intruder enters the others zone. The task requires actions: go, give, take, adopt, change and return.


A site-specific project that explores relationships in space, based on contact improvisation technique. Two bodies, an actor and a dancer, meet while they embody live music. Ways of non-verbal communication, as well as manners of spatial materialization play important role in the work.


Duration: 25’

Forever Beasts:
promo photo by Thomas Ginis
all other photos by Spyros Tsiknas


Buttle/Over Again:
photos by Yiannis Velissaridis


Body I:
photo by Orestis Rovakis


Hide & Seek:
photos by Dimitris Psomopoulos


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