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dITTO is a project based company focused on body in performance and visual arts.


The company is formulated, each time for each project, organically, by people who are motivated to work together, research and create. Founded in 2010 by Ioanna Vasilakopoulou, dITTO focuses on movement as raw material for performance studies and arts.


The mode company works may be articulated in five distinctive, though inherently linked, actions:

Conceive, Design, Research, Create, Present.


Central core of dITTO’s work is synergy· synergy in means of communication among arts and artists, practices and people· synergy leading towards new perspectives of culture and society.


The main objectives of the company are:

  • Co-exist

To engage highly motivated and creative people with a strong desire to work together.

  • Create

To observe, research and re-discover movement, as well as, to compose, communicate and evaluate practices, all targeted towards reinvention, progression and evolvement of an innovative, nevertheless, a personal point of view on artistic theory and practice.

  • Connect

To create relationships, encourage communication and promote dialog among creators, as well as among creators and audiences and, to approach the viewer through multiple means of contemporary communication, as well as to work towards expanding the audiences of culture and art.


dITTO has evolved since its birth due to:

  • work of artists:

Nina Alcalay, Ifigeneia Alysandratou, Mary Fofi Anestou, Rosemary Brandt, Stefanos Filos, Thomas Ginis, Maria Karathanou, Lizzi Kew Ross, Alexandra Liakopoulou, George Mosco, Pantelis Panteloglou, Christos Papamichael, Andreas Rama, Marion Renard, Danai Spilioti, Nefeli Stamouli, Guy Stefanou, Chrysa Tsovili, Yiannis Velissaridis, Elissaios Vlachos, Elena Vogli

  • contribution of people:

Nikos Athanasopoulos, Elina Douvou, Dimitris Psomopoulos, Areti Takour, Maria Vasilakopoulou

  • collaboration with art companies:

Asiderota, EleKtroBalKana, Kopernikos, Luther Blissett, Tricky

  • contribution of creative industries

Hellenic National Centre for Theatre & Dance,


dITTO since 2010 has presented works in Greece, France and Serbia.


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